"Desi" aka AKC DawnGlo Midsummer Desire


Havanese/2 years old (DOB 8/2/07)


August 2, 2007


12 inches/14 lbs


Desi is a pretty laid back guy. He loves meeting people and other animals, and especially enjoys working with seniors.


Puppy class through Advanced Obedience class at Narnia in Naperville. Delta Society group class. Dabbled in freestyle dance and Rally-O at Camp Dogwood.


Canine Good Citizen, May 2009
Delta Society Pet Partner, June 2009
R.E.A.D. Certified, June 2009

How you know your dog enjoys being a therapy dog ...

Desi wags his tail when I take out his special "work vest" and tell him its time to go to work. He seems genuinely happy to see people on his visits.

More about Desi...

Desi is a Havanese, which is a toy breed and the national dog of Cuba, the first of his kind in PAWSitive Therapy Troupe! He is named after a famous Cuban, Desi Arnaz. He lives with another Havanese, a rescue named Tico, who is a therapy dog-in-training as well. In his free time, Desi enjoys playing with Tico, and "chase games" with his favorite toys. We are also participating in the Dancing Paws freestyle dance group.