Hohines shimmer rebaw Can I Participate With My Dog?

The PAWSitive Therapy Troupe welcomes the application of potential new volunteer teams.

Qualifications for acceptance into the program include the following:

  • To apply for membership in the PAWSitive Therapy Troupe you MUST be currently registered as Pet Partner ® Team 

  • Submission of dog's annual health records, including proof of current rabies vaccination and negative fecal testing
  • Satisfactory New Member Interview and Initial Screening
  • Completion of Troupe orientation
  • Completion of applicable facility-specific orientations, depending on where the applicant would lke to visit
  • Completion of "Read With Me"  training if applicant would like to participate in reading visits at schools and libraries
  • Satisfactory completion of an internship period, ( defined as 6 visits within no more than 6 months) as evaluated by assigned mentor/ site leader and New Member Committee members.

If you would like to join us, please apply online.