In Memory




Bernese Mountain Dog


3 years

Color / Weight

Black, White and Brown / 105 lbs


Banjo's full name is "Banjo, you are such a good boy." Banjo is a quiet, sweet guy who is very shy. Banjo came to our family as a young adult in May of 2017. He was a breeder release. Originally from Poland, the breeder decided Banjo was too small to include in her breeding program. Banjo always, always, always wants to be good. He loves little dogs, children and older adults. Once Banjo enjoys having you pet him, get ready, he will keep nudging you with his head so you don't stop.


Banjo has participated in many, many classes and we have worked very hard to socialize Banjo. When we first got Banjo, he was so shy and reserved he would shake when meeting new people or in a new situation. He is always taking classes, sometimes two at a time. He has taken Family Dog I and Family Dog II numerous times, He has taken Rally multiple times and the Canine Good Citizen Class. We have also focused much of his training on getting him to meet new people and go to new places to help him overcome his shyness. While he is still shy, he is no longer afraid of new places or people and actually enjoys all of his "field trips." He loves going to school and jumps in his van when we take out his school backpack.

  • Canine Good Citizen
  • Pet Partner Therapy Dog

How do you know that your dog loves therapy work?

Once Banjo is comfortable, he loves being petted. He will stay very still hoping the petting will never stop. If you try to stop petting him, he nudges you with his head and if that doesn't work, he uses his paw ever so gently to remind you he is there. He loves putting his vest on because he knows lots of pets and treats are coming his way!