In Memory - September 2010 to March 2023




Polar Labrador


Helen is a very loving girl and has a gentle personality--always wanting to please.   When you look at Helen, you immediately drawn to her dark soulful eyes--eyes that can melt your heart. 

In Memory

In September 2010, I brought home a gangly 10 week old white Labrador puppy, I named her HELEN. She was greeted by her brother Mack. She was my little shadow. We played together, I took her everywhere, we trained together, she was always at my side.  A true Moma's girl. My baby girl. My goal was to train her for therapy work, following in the pawprints of Amelia and Mack. She was a natural. She was a calm dog with dark soulful eyes. It wasn't long before she became a therapy dog at Edward Hospital, working along side Mack. For 11 1/2 years she would visit the patients, the staff, the visitors and any one else who would stop to pet her. She also became a READ TO ME dog after Mack passed away.

Helen will best be remembered for her Halloween costumes at Edward and the flowers she would wear when reading with the kids. She was a princess and a pretty one at that! She even made a cute Snowflake in the Nutcracker.

But that cute puppy I brought home on 2010 was taken to the Rainbow Bridge on Tuesday March 14th. Miller and Maddon were with her when she went home. She took a piece of my heart with her but I do have many wonderful memories of her and the peoples lives she touched.