Labrador Retriever (Black)

Birth Date

June 10, 2013


62 lbs.


Chang is very friendly, loves people of all ages. She wakes up happy, tail wagging, ready to get going. She’s very upbeat, but calm. She loves to go for walks and sniff and meet people and their dogs. She has special dog friends in the neighborhood and she and her sister Sally love to play with the lab puppy who lives across the street. She loves to tease-she will take the remote, or my phone, or my socks, or my husband’s stocking cap, and walk around with it and squeak. She doesn’t do anything with it, just carries it around for fun.

We did several obedience classes when she was young. Also Agility and Field Trips. CGC.

List Any Award or Titles Your Dog Has Received:

Chang is a Canine Good Citizen. She also has a trophy from the staff at River Forest Breast Care Center, which we visited before COVID, that says World’s Best Dog. We agree.

How do you know that your dog loves therapy work?

When I get out her Pet Partners vest, she gets very excited because she knows she is going somewhere for a visit. She is happy to meet and greet people and have them pet her and have her photo taken (usually by college students). If she wasn’t enjoying her therapy work, I would know by her demeanor-if she was reluctant to put on her vest and leash, or go in the car, or enter the place we were going. She has never done that-she is eager and happy to have places to go and people to see.