JNY (Johnny)


Bernese Mountain Dog

Birth Date

Four years old (in 2021)


85 lbs.


Jny loves life! She is a very friendly dog and is always ready for a new adventure. While she likes other dogs and can be very nurturing with other dogs, humans are her favorites. She engages everyone she meets and would love to spend all day, every day, loving her humans.


Jny has participated in numerous training classes including basic and advanced obedience classes as well as Rally Classes. Jny is a "breeder release" meaning she has had two litters of puppies and was given to me by her breeder to train to be a therapy dog. During her first career, Jny was a show dog winning Breed Champion three different times. She is a princess and she knows it!


During her first career Jny was a breed champion three different times.

How do you know that your dog loves therapy work?

I have to put Jny's vest on at least an hour before we leave for a visit. As soon as the vest goes on, she gets SO excited I need to give her time to calm down. She LOVES her humans and is always engaging and happy on her visits.