Rough Collie

Birth Date

June 26, 2017


105 lbs. / Tri-color


Flint is very gentle, sweet, smart and lazy! He has a little stubborn streak and likes to play like a cat. He will chase toys and things that wiggle on the ground, and even rub up against you affectionately. When playing with other dogs, he is very gentle and fair. He loves his bed, playing with and breaking apart big sticks, and getting butt and body rubs. He especially enjoys playing little games with me in the house that he makes up himself.
List Any Award or Titles Your Dog Has Received:

Flint was shown before he was neutered in a big dog show at the Rosemont. He placed Third in the Beginning Puppy Herding Group and placed Best 4-6 mo. Beginner Puppy in Breed/Variety. At 6 mos. he won first place in an obedience contest scoring 89/90. He has earned his CGC.

How do you know that your dog loves therapy work?

We are just starting our therapy work as a team, so still learning, but Flint is always very gentle and patient with those we have visited. He is curious about them and loves the attention.