July 4, 2015

Height / Weight / Color

 15 inches tall / 21lbs. / Tricolor (black, white and tan)


Josie LOVES everyone! She is a gentle, sweet girl on therapy visits. At home, however, she loves to play with anything, at any time! Frisbee is a special favorite.


Josie has been in classes since she was a 10 week old puppy. She is currently working on her rally and competitive obedience skills in preparation for the show ring this summer. She also loves canine scentwork and will be competing there as well.

Awards / Titles

Josie is a registered Pet Partner therapy dog.

She has passed her Odor Recognition Tests for Canine Nosework.

How do you know your dog enjoys being a therapy dog?

Josie's entire body wiggles when she spies a new person to meet! She happily says hello and positions herself for maximum petting! Josie especially loves visits with seniors and school age children.