Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie)


March 31, 2017

Height / Weight / Color

14 inches / 19 lbs. / Bi-Black


Coyote is an energetic happy guy who is always ready to get involved in any activity, especially with his human family.  He loves learning new things. When he's with his litter brother, the two compete for attention (and barking!). But when he's on his own, Coyote is a perfect gentleman and loves to cuddle. Once he knows you, he won't let you stop petting him!


Coyote had a lot of various training before I welcomed him into the family. Since then, we have trained for the Pet Partner test and have also trained various tricks. In the past, Coyote has also trained in rally obedience and agility.

List Any Award or Titles Your Dog Has Received:

PT (AKC Pre-Trial Tested - Herding)

TKN (AKC Novice Trick Dog)

Pet Partners registration