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The PAWSitive Therapy Troupe is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) public charity dedicated to sharing registered therapy dogs with individuals in a wide variety of health care and educational settings--bringing comfort, support and encouragement through the unique healing power of the human-animal bond.


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Shetland Sheepdog or "Sheltie"


April 1, 2002


15" at the shoulder / 23 lbs.


Natalie is an energetic happy go lucky girl. She loves to "herd" things at home like the garden hose, the vacuum, the broom and many other things. She loves to play fetch but she only enjoys the chase not the actual catching of an object. Her favorite thing to do is to help me water the plants by nipping at the water while it exits the hose, this activity entertains all who see her. She also LOVES to be petted and is sometimes quite pushy if she thinks she is not getting enough petting.


Natalie is trained to show in the confirmation ring and she has been training for basic obedience
and her Canine Good Citizen skills.


Natalie has 2 points towards her AKC Champion Title, she took time off to have and raise two litters of Sheltie puppies. She has her Canine Good Citizen Title and she is R.E.A.D. Registered

How Do You Know That Your Dog Loves Therapy Work?

Natalie is a wonderful Therapy Dog, she is happy in just about any situation, not to much fazes her. She is very patient with everyone she meets and all she ask for is someone to pet and talk to her. You can just tell that she enjoys her visits a great deal by looking at her smiling face and calm demeanor.

 In Memory

It is with the saddest of hearts that I write about the passing of my beloved Natty Nat. She had been diagnosed with an inoperable liver tumor this past November. She fought so hard to stay with me until the very end. Our daily routine when I took a shower was for her to come in the bathroom with me as I showered and she would stand by the clear shower door and bark at me once and wait for me to finish. Yesterday evening as I went to take a shower she can in the bathroom with me, she was getting very weak this past week and I knew it wouldn't be much longer. Before I showered I sat on the floor with her and scratched her chest, hugged and kissed her and talked in her ear telling her that I loved her so very much and that she was the best dog ever and she has made so many people happy on her visits. I told her she could stop fighting and I would miss her tremendously but I would be OK and it was time for her to stop fighting so hard. I told her to go to her Mother Smuckers and her littermate and brother Ripley, her Uncle Mikey and all her other Sheltie friends that have passed. I sat there with her for some time just loving her and telling her so. I final got in the shower and she came to the door as usual then I went to dress and she laid down on her bed, I looked back at her and she rolled off her bed and I ran to her and held her as she took her last breaths. It was very quick and she did not suffer. Like the good dog she always was she listened to me even at the end. I was so thankful that I was with her when she was born and when she took her last breath, this meant the world to me. She was taken for a private cremation at a local funeral home that also does beloved animals and she is back home with us. They took a cast of her paw print and treated her with great respect.

Natalie was a much loved dog by so many people, especially by my friend Beth. She was a regal girl and so beautiful and sweet. She was a once in a life time kind of furry friend. She was an amazing Therapy Dog who brought joy and comfort to so many people during her 11 years of Therapy Dog work. She was a natural at it. The kids loved reading to her at the numerous Reading to Rover visits she made and all the many other visits she went on.

She was my constant and faithful companion. She was from the first litter born at my home, which made her that much more special to me. She loved to stand on my lap and have her chest scratched and she was not shy about demanding that you do so. She had a power paw that would wrap around you when she wanted her petting sessions, she could also open doors with this front paw. She absolutely loved to herd, bark and nip at water coming out of a hose, she would be soaking wet from this game she played but it was shear joy to her and quite funny to watch. She was also our weather dog, as we affectionately called her, she could tell when a storm was coming before you saw signs of it.

There's a hole in my heart where a dog used to be. She nuzzled my soul and is now part of me too. There's a hole in my heart where my Natalie passed through. When we said goodbye, part of me left too.




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