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The PAWSitive Therapy Troupe is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) public charity dedicated to sharing registered therapy dogs with individuals in a wide variety of health care and educational settings--bringing comfort, support and encouragement through the unique healing power of the human-animal bond.


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Golden Retriever


August 2, 2005, 7 Years Old


21”/75 pounds, Deep Gold


Missy is loving and loyal, playful and fun. She wags her tail so hard that we sometimes call her Beyonce!


Puppy Class

Basic Obedience Class


Canine Good Citizen

Delta Society Pet Partner (Registered Therapy Dog)

R.E.A.D. Certification

How Do you Know that Your Dog Loves Therapy Work?

Missy truly loves people! She has seen her family through cancer and loss as well as the raising of a special needs child. Missy is all things to all people and has an intuitive need for what she can do for others whether that is putting her head in your lap, curling up by your side or making everyone laugh by spontaneously running laps in her backyard.

 In Memory:

I know we all have our dog stories, as well we should. This is what sustains us and lives on in our hearts when they are gone. Here is Missy's story:

When Missy was two, my husband was diagnosed with cancer. Every time he would come back home from his chemo and radiation treatments she refused to leave his side. Bill put up a valiant fight, but after 18 months he became even worse and needed immediate surgery. Unfortunately he died in the hospital and when we came home that night we had to explain to Missy where he was and why she wasn't seeing him. We decided to take the t-shirt he had been wearing on his way to the hospital and give it to her. She looked at it, sniffed it and then cuddled up on top of it and went to sleep. The next day my daughter was understandably upset and decided to lie down on the floor next to Missy. Missy proceeded to take my husband's shirt and placed it right on top of my daughter. Many times my daughter has said she feels Missy was placed on this earth to help us through our lives. Missy did that for us. She helped us through Bill's death, and through our building of lives without him. 





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